Puri Oka Hotel-Retreat Centre will be hosting this fantastic week long retreat to reset, rejuvenate and awaken our fellow women, it is a week that will be all about women uplifting women, supporting, listening and inspiring you all for the next phase in your life. The wish is that you leave us with a news found energy to handle life's stress and with the confidence to create the life you would like for yourself, and a smile on your face!

Puri Oka is a beautiful traditional Balinese Hotel/retreat centre directly on the beach in a small fishing village on the east coast, it's where the mountains meet the sea. The restaurant makes everything from scratch so not only do we provide tasty authentic Balinese food we also have a fantastic superfood menu, with happy friendly staff that will always remember your name with a beautiful smile to boot.

The retreat will offer you with a welcome drink and a chance to write down exactly how you are feeling at this time and what you would like to achieve from this experience. Followed by a tasty dinner with a chance to try a lot of different things off our menu- Balinese style.

We will be doing morning sessions of yoga from one of Bali's most favoured teachers, when you are in Kawi's presence a peace comes over you that is hard to describe. Kawi has put many years into  helping the Ashram here in our village and has helped countless children realise their dream that life can be anything you want with the right heart and effort that you put in. The after noon yoga will be taught by one of our amazing team followed by meditation.

Our days will be filled with some incredible teachings by Beverley Bryant who is a highly acclaimed worldwide psychic medium and one of Australia's most gifted practitioners and teacher of physic spiritual development with over 30 years in the practice. Beverley holds a degree of Metaphysical Sciences and is a qualified Colour Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and teacher, she has benefited thousands with her amazing skills and generous heart.

Vita Capelhina came to Australia as a child with her family from Malta and knew at a very early age that she had a connection with the spirit world. Her trance mediumship occurs when, through the induction of an altered state of consciousness , we allow the spirit world to "capture our attention" or even place a 'hold on our minds" enabling a closer blending with the spirit world. Vita has brought through many communications from spirit to allow the sitters (guests) to understand the intricate workings of life beyond the veil. At the same time she is not aware who comes through and does not remember what takes place, going into the deep state that evolves. Vita works with love and compassion always and enjoys sharing her gift with others. It is an evening experience not to be missed, Vita is totally unbelievable!

Karen Elvin is a master in Aromatherapy and Flower Essences which she will be teaching in workshops to be benefit us in our aim for a better healthier happy life, she has been working in several leading herbal medicine company's for the past 20 years, and her knowledge is abundant. Karen is a fun, vibrant woman that you just want to be around! She is also a Yoga Nidra teacher and is excited to share some insights and a journey of exploration with you all.

Besides all of this we have some fun activities planned such as a great little boat trip to a sweet  beautiful beach where the water is turquoise blue and lunch will be cooked over coconut husks for the yummiest flavour ever! 

A trip to the Kings water palaces to look at the amazing palace the Royal family have created and to swim in their pool which holds the cooling energised spring water that's feed straight straight from our holy Mt Agung. You will feeling younger and invigorated by this experience.

We will also stop off for a cheeky chocolate and a swing at the famous Charlie's chocolate factory where they also make incredible coconut oil soap.

We will be having daily relaxing massages but also a massage off a Balinese Energy Healer that will leave you in total bliss. Also a mani/pedi treatment to boot!

Of an evening when we are not sitting by the ocean edge enjoying the stunning sunsets we will be eating in different local Warungs, tried and tested many times and loved by all for their true flavours of Bali, or having bonfires on the beach and laughing and talking together about what wonderful days we are having!

We give you a free day to relax or shop and explore our many Temples, we have drivers at hand if you wish and we are happy to assist you with any of your needs at all times.

On the last night we shall have our final dinner together at Puri Oka and conduct our closing ceremony.

It's going to be a fantastic 6 nights and 7 days with a wonderful group of fun upbeat women and we hope you will come and enjoy all we have to offer.

For 6 nights and 7 days it is $1500 Aust $ which includes

  • Airport transfers
  • Accomadation
  • Welcome and closing dinners
  • All breakfasts
  • Afternoon teas when doing workshops
  • Yoga
  • Meditations
  • All teachings and excursions and daily massages
  • Pedi/Mani



    Retreat Details

  • 15-Feb-2019 - 21-Feb-2019 Start date
  • Purioka, Candidasa Location
  • AUD 1500 Price